BREAKING – FBI: Man who Threatened Jewish Community Centers was a Black Muslim Convert who Tweeted About His Crimes, Tried to Place Blame on a White Woman

Liberals and Democrats around the U.S. and the world were shocked to learn that it was not an alt-right White male Trump supporter calling in threats to Jewish Community Centers, but instead a Black liberal Democrat convert to Islam.

The FBI arrested and charged Juan M. Thompson from St. Louis, a disgraced former writer twice fired for fabricating stories, for threats to Jewish Community Centers in New York City and elsewhere.

A quick glance at Thompson’s Twitter timeline paints a picture of a Black separatist who converted to Islam after a November, 2016 trip to Senegal. Thompson not only gloated about his crimes via Tweets and re-Tweets, but also tried to blame them on a White former girlfriend he claimed was stalking him.

Thompson’s twitter bio reads in part “You show me a capitalist, and I’ll show you a bloodsucker.

Thompson tried to place blame on a White alleged former girlfriend turned stalker.

He then went on to Tweet and re-Tweet about his crimes, reliving them as do arsonists and serial killers.

Thompson also maintained a Black separatist theme and hatred of Whites.

He claims that he ‘reverted” to Islam after his November, 2016 Senegal trip.

And surprising no one, Thompson disclosed that he voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

I will update as the story develops.