EXCLUSIVE: Despite Their Denials, Anti-Trump “Reagan Battalion” is a Far Left Democratic Activism Group Connected to George Soros

by John Cardillo & Nick Short

The Reagan Battalion, a self-proclaimed Never Trump conservative group, is neither associated with Ronald Reagan, conservatism, or with those of us actually on the right. In fact, the Reagan Battalion is closely affiliated with far left liberal PACs and activist organizations funded by none other than George Soros according to the Reagan Battalion’s own website as well as Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings and tax returns filed by the Tides Foundation and the Soros’ Foundation for an Open Society.

When confronted on Twitter by this writer as to whether or not they were affiliated with Democratic PACs, the Reagan Battalion publicly denied any affiliation despite overwhelming evidence supporting the allegation.


For some background, on February 21st of this year the Reagan Battalion mysteriously and inexplicably deleted the contributions page from their website. That deletion coincided with a cryptic tweet from Democratic operative Nate Lerner, which at the time seemed unrelated and insignificant. Fortunately, the internet is forever, and the page lived on in archives.


Why would the Reagan Battalion delete their donations page the same day Lerner denied any affiliation with the group? FEC filings seem to answer that question.

FEC filings confirmed that Nate Lerner, a New Jersey based Democratic activist, is the man behind the Stop Trump PAC which is the entity that paid for the Reagan Battalion’s website according to the disclosure on their now deleted donation page.



Furthermore, Lerner’s LinkedIn bio lists his occupation as the “Executive Director at Democratic Coalition Against Trump” and “Keep America Great PAC.” A claim also confirmed by FEC filings.



Yet, the FEC has no record of a Democratic Coalition Against Trump, but there are FEC filings that connect Nate Lerner to a group called The Democratic Coalition, a far left activism group that raised $183,535.77 between April 1st, 2016 through December 31st, 2016, and an additional $133,985.06 between January 1st, 2017 through March 31st, 2017.



Even more troubling, the same individuals who appear to be behind the “conservative” Reagan Battalion, are running PACs and organizations that contribute to causes opposing President Trump while supporting radical far left groups like ACT Blue according to FEC filings.



On June 19th, 2017 the Reagan Battalion denied via Twitter an allegation asserted by the co-writer of this article, that they were in fact aligned with Democratic and liberal activism organizations. Their claim was that the Stop Trump PAC was not affiliated with the Reagan Battalion, but only similar in name to their actual PAC, the Stop Donald Trump PAC.



This is where things get even worse for the Reagan Battalion, and their denials seem to evolve into blatant lies. The deleted page from their own website clearly states that the organization is funded by the Stop Trump PAC.



Furthermore, the Reagan Battalion’s now deleted page directed donors to the URL www.StopDonaldTrump.com which takes users to the home page of the Indivisible guide, yet another far left radical activism group funded by the Advocacy Fund, a group which received over $700,000 from the left wing Tides Foundation in 2015 according to the Tides’ 2015 tax filings. It is worth noting that the George Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society donated nearly $1.3 million to the Tides Foundation that same year according to their 2015 returns.

In short, the Reagan Battalion, on their own website, directly connected themselves to radical leftist organizations funded in large part by George Soros.

Another problem for the Reagan Battalion is that they appear to have been raising those funds improperly, and potentially illegally. While their website indicated, as of February 21st, 2017 that they were funded by the Stop Trump PAC, FEC filings confirm the termination of that PAC on June 7, 2016.



Lastly, there has never been any organization called the Stop Donald Trump PAC registered with the FEC.



It is troublesome to say the least that the Reagan Battalion is attempting to manipulate those on the right by claiming to support “true conservatives” when in fact the Reagan Battalion itself is being operated by a leftist political operative with ties to George Soros. The Reagan Battalion should come clean to its followers and admit that it has nothing to do with promoting actual conservative issues or conservative individuals while it drags Ronald Reagan’s name through the mud. It should be a lesson to those of us on the right to become weary of groups that operate under the auspices of being “true conservatives” as the Reagan Battalion would hold Ronald Reagan himself in contempt if he were alive today. It’s past time for those of us on the right to call the Reagan Battalion out for being the frauds that they are by fighting fire with fire. We can no longer sit idly by and allow the left to try and manipulate us via these kinds of tactics.