EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (D-NY) Has a Decades Long History of Official Misconduct – Sources

Disturbing allegations have surfaced against a Democratic Congresswoman from Long Island, New York after she Tweeted an attack on the National Rifle Association and its spokeswoman Dana Loesch claiming they were domestic security threats enabled by President Donald Trump

Multiple government and law enforcement sources on Long Island as well as sources in Washington D.C. have painted a picture of Rep. Kathleen Rice, a former Nassau County District Attorney, as a corrupt politician who used the power of her office to obstruct justice and influence investigative outcomes.

Rice is also reported to have engaged in extramarital affairs with married men; one a former Republican NY State Senator who was the subject of a statewide ethics investigation by a scandal ridden commission co-chaired by Rice.

Among the allegations are that early in her career, while an intern at the Nassau County DA’s Office in the 1990’s, Rice was terminated for consorting with a known cocaine dealer after being spotted with the dealer by an Assistant District Attorney who later reported the incident to superiors.

Rice has previously admiited to using cocaine.

Several law enforcement sources on Long Island recounted an incident in which Rice was stopped for driving under the influence, but used her position as Nassau County District Attorney to avoid arrest and charges.

The sources also allege that Rice was a lifelong Republican who came to Nassau County just before the District Attorney’s race and improperly used the address of a friend to establish residency. It is also alleged that former Nassau County Democratic Party boss Jay Jacobs, who is also affiliated with the Clinton Foundation, had the Nassau County Board of Elections change Rice’s party registration from Republican to Democrat after the deadline so that she could run as a Democrat, eliminating her need to primary the Republican candidate. Those allegations, if true, would be criminal.

Rice is reported to be “furious” with current Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas for her indictments of those connected to a bribery scandal involving officials from the affluent town of Oyster Bay and Carlo Lizza & Sons Paving Inc.. Federal Election Commission records show that the Lizza family donated tens of thousands of dollars to Rice’s Congressional campaign. The Lizza family reputedly has ties to organized crime.

Even more disturbing are allegations from Rice’s tenure in the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office.  Back in 2010 when Rice threw her hat in the ring for NY Attorney General, fellow liberal, Judge Amy Herz Juviler who served Brooklyn during the time Rice was an Assistant District Attorney, wrote a letter in which she expressed regret for not having Rice disbarred for misconduct. 

Judge Juviler wrote, “I should have had Rice disbarred, because even after she had been caught violating the law, she was unapologetic.”

Sources in Washington D.C. tell me that Rice is frequently seen out, after hours, intoxicated. One source described “many drunken episodes.”

Rice is also reported to be a former and possibly current D.C.  roommate of former DNC Chair and FL Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is facing her own troubles.

Perhaps the most salacious allegation sources have leveled is that of Rice’s affair with former Republican NY State Senator Chuck Fuschillo. Fuschillo abruptly resigned his seat in late 2013 after nearly 16 years in office to helm the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) and former NY State Senator Chuck Fuschillo

Sources told me that Fuschillo’s resignation was actually the result of his being a subject of the scandal plagued Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption due to allegations that Fuschillo was double dipping on per diem expenses.

Rice was co-Chair of the Moreland Commission at the time she was allegedly having the affair with the married father Fuschillo. Those same sources alleged that Rice gave Fuschillo warning that he was about to be subpoenaed by the Commission, prompting his abrupt resignation from the NY State Senate.

The same sources also allege that it was Congresswoman Kathleen Rice who arranged Fuschillo’s soft landing as head of the Alzheimer’s Foundation.

I asked Rice for comment about the DUI allegations multiple times on Twitter, but she refused to respond.

This story will be updated as I receive additional information, or comment from Rep. Rice’s office.