Is The RNC Destroying The Trump White House From Within?

America, Donald Trump supporters: you are being lied to. You are being lied to in the worst possible way and as a result President-elect Trump’s political future and above all, ability to succeed, are at risk.

You are being sold falsehoods and thrown diversions while the GOP establishment hijacks the White House and attempts to staff Trump’s inner circle with players disloyal to the President-elect and who, in my opinion, want to see him fail.  Trump did after all ruin the coronation of their handpicked and paid-for candidate, Jeb Bush.

This grim reality became apparent and quite frankly, infuriating to me, when I read the following op-ed in the Sun Sentinel penned by Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day. Day writes:

“What made our operation even more of a success was our strong partnerships with the Trump campaign’s Florida team led by Susie Wiles and Deborah Cox Rousch, and the Republican Party of Florida led by Chairman Blaise Ingoglia. Without them, our great state would not have had the multiple Republican victories we had across the state.”

I can tell you unequivocally as someone who was on the ground here in South Florida at nearly every rally — both as a Trump supporter and member of the opinion media — that the people cited in Day’s article were not responsible for winning Florida, and ultimately, the general election. In fact, I along with many others familiar with the region would argue that Trump won Florida in spite of them.

In the early days of the Florida campaign when Karen Giorno ran the show, I could easily and with short notice, book the best Trump surrogates on my radio program and seamlessly connect local and super-influencers to relevant campaign staff.

Once the RNC faction took over, that became nearly impossible. In fact, it seemed that both the RNC and Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) actively sought to sabotage the Trump campaign.

For instance, when I blew the whistle on voter fraud in Broward County, FL, rather than take the appropriate, actionable steps to address this direct threat to the Trump campaign, the RNC and RPOF filtered me through to random, junior-staffers at their consulting firms, who in turn directed me to send evidence I’d compiled of voter fraud to general information e-mail addresses.

In fact, it was brought to my attention that RNC-loyal senior campaign staffers reprimanded those who helped spread the word about pro-Clinton voter fraud in Florida and elsewhere. It was almost as if many inside the RNC did not want Donald Trump to win. Thankfully, the State Attorney and FBI cared more about election integrity than did the RNC or RPOF.

With this series of unconscionable events in mind, it did not surprise me when Day gave credit to her establishment allies — many of whom were publicly “Never Trump” until the eleventh hour — while ignoring people like Karen Giorno and John Pughe, whose foundation and infrastructure actually did secure Trump’s victory in Florida and, arguably, the White House.

Let us also not forget that the name Corey Lewandowski, a man without whom Trump would not be the president elect, might as well be an expletive in establishment circles.

The GOP establishment’s motivation is clear: it cannot give the Giornos, Pughes, and Lewandowskis credit for Trump’s victory, because with that credit comes the promise of significant White House appointments and the power and influence those appointments entail.

The sad irony is that while true loyalists and champions for the American people were busy winning the election for Donald Trump, the open-borders, Syrian refugee-loving, Common Core-supporting establishment foxes were maneuvering their way into the hen house.

Once Trump became POTUS-elect, the establishment realized that to neutralize his agenda and keep the cash flowing to their consultant sugar daddies they needed their people inside the White House, hence the full court press to install Reince Priebus as WH Chief of Staff. Once his position was secured, the establishment needed Priebus to further stack the deck with sympathetic Deputy Chiefs of Staff, because anyone who understands Washington D.C. knows that it’s the deputies who truly run the day-to-day White House operations.

This explains why Priebus, the guardian of the neo-con establishment, is bringing in a Deputy CoS who, during both the primary and general election campaigns, was seemingly hostile to the Trump campaign.

Katie Walsh, current Chief of Staff of the Republican National Committee, is now in line for a critical White House appointment that positions her as a point-person for Trump’s daily political agenda. That a 31 year-old who has never held a job outside of politics, and whose rapid ascension through the ranks of the RNC has called into question her integrity, should be gifted with such a significant role is troubling to say the least.

After all, this is the same Katie Walsh who direct sources within the Florida and Pennsylvania Trump campaign teams tell me did not approve or fund campaign office leases for months while Trump was excoriated in the press for his “lack of ground game.”

Sources inside the Trump campaign also informed me that when they asked why the Trump campaign office leases were not approved or funded despite Trump taking heat in the media, Walsh and others in the RNC misplaced blame on Corey Lewandowski.

Again, it seems as if there were those inside the RNC who wanted Trump to lose.

My own dealings with the RNC media machine throughout the campaign is what formed my opinion of Walsh as someone who fundamentally believes in a GOP beholden to the kind of center-left ideology held by Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush.

A deputy CoS needs to possess a killer instinct and be someone so truly committed to the president’s vision and agenda, that he or she is willing to go to battle daily to defend it and, more pointedly, ram it down the opponents’ throats. Walsh is simply not qualified to be that person.

As a millennial who spent most of her career inside the RNC as a finance and staff executive, Walsh has not cut her teeth in the street fights that are part of policy and deal-making on the Hill. She has not banked the chits nor does she know where enough bodies are buried, so to speak, to leverage passage of the White House’s agenda.

Simply put, beyond the imperative question of loyalty to Trump, Katie Walsh is too green and too inexperienced to be named to a role as influential as White House Deputy Chief of Staff.

Priebus know this, as do those around him.

Why, with all of the non-establishment, supremely qualified talent at his disposal, would Reince Priebus default to nepotism and pick his RNC #2 — a person who simply does not possess the credentials or clout and who never exhibited a desire to see Trump win — to run point on POTUS’s political agenda?

And, who else does Priebus have lined up for deputy CoS positions? The importance of these roles cannot be understated, yet they are being downplayed by Priebus and virtually ignored by the anti-Trump media.

I sure hope those closest to POTUS-elect Trump, as well as Trump himself, are asking these very questions before any deputy CoS appointments are made.